Are you a modern lawyer that understands the power of client referrals?  Do you seek to practice in a way that focuses on client satisfaction and client experience?  Do you offer fixed-fee legal services, or are interested in testing out the fixed-fee model in an legal marketplace?

If you answered yes to these questions then we would love to chat about you becoming a member in our Legally Yours marketplace.

Legally Yours is not a law firm.  We are a legal marketplace that matches clients to fixed-fee lawyers across all areas of law.  The Legally Yours marketplace is a great way to source client referrals that you may not normally attract from your firm’s traditional forms of marketing, social media channels and print advertising.

From a client perspective, Legally Yours works in two ways –

1. if a client needs to speak with a lawyer but is not ready to engage them for a specific legal service,  they can request to talk to a lawyer on the phone to receive quick legal answers to their queries (most often than not the query is ‘do I have a legal problem’!).


2. if a client is ready to engage the services of a lawyer, they request a quote and we match them with a lawyer in our network who can assist them with a complimentary phone chat and fixed-fee quote.  No legal advice is given during this consult, rather the phone chat is used as means to provide the client with the requested quote.

From a lawyer perspective, Legally Yours can offer the following:

-increased client referrals (we do not charge referral fees – we are a subscription membership based platform only)

-opportunity to network with other like-minded fixed-fee lawyers in different areas of law based throughout Australia

-opportunities to connect with different industries seeking to refer their clients to fixed-fee lawyers in our Legally Yours network

-opportunities to produce video content with us, both in the form of Q & As and Quick Chat series that we promote across our social channels

-unlimited republication of articles and blogs across all our social media channels to assist in increasing your profile amongst the public

-invites to feature on panels at events that we curate for both community and the legal profession

If you would like to receive more information on how the Legally Yours marketplace works, chat about whether the fixed-fee model is right for your firm, or simply know how to sign up and become a member, please register your interest below and a Legally Yours Consultant will be in touch.


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