What is a Client Agreement?

A Client Agreement is basically your trading terms and conditions. They set up the framework in which you run your business. They are designed to enable an entity to sell goods and / or services whilst reducing liability and ensuring that the business is protected.

What is the purpose of having Client Agreements in place?

For many businesses, having well Drafted Client Agreements may not be first priority, but neglecting this area of your business could impact the very core of your business, your cashflow. For instance, it is important for your customers to know exactly how long they have to pay your invoices.

It is also important that you limit your liability as a business owner.  You don’t want to put your assets at risk.

By dictating the terms on which you do business you get to improve your service delivery, get paid sooner and limit your liability.

Another reason to have a Client Agreement in place is so that you can be clear about exactly what you will and won’t do for your customer. This not only reduces customer complaints, but also reduces the potential cost of disputes in the future.

It’s the cheapest form of peace of mind your business will ever buy.

After you purchase our fixed fee client agreement package, the appropriate Legally Yours lawyer will be in touch within 24 hours to take your instructions and begin working on your agreements.

If you have any questions and would like to speak to a client agreement lawyer in Melbourne, then contact us today.

Prices start from $995

What’s included

  • Custom client agreement for your biz.

  • 60 min consult with a Legally Yours lawyer.

  • Legal review and sign off

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