Unfair Contract Terms – What does it all mean and what’s changing?

Are you a small business that employs less than 20 employees? Does your business use non-negotiable contracts with an upfront price value of less than $300,000? If you answered yes to any of either of these questions, then the new ‘unfair contract terms’ legislation may be applicable to your business.

Copying Legal Documents – Should I do it?

Why it's tempting... The three most common documents we draft for our clients are Terms and Conditions, Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policies. Why? Because every business needs these three documents. Every one. When clients first come to us many [...]

Intellectual Property – How do I protect it?

Almost all businesses have intellectual property (IP) that needs to be protected, and as a business owner it’s important to understand how to protect your IP. However, many business owners fail to protect their IP for fear of it being complex and costly to do so.

Spousal Maintenance – What is it and am I entitled to it?

What is Spousal Maintenance? Spousal maintenance is a payment from one former spouse to the other former spouse after separation or divorce. The purpose of spousal maintenance is to help the recipient support themselves. It is a separate payment to c [...]

Divorce: When and how can I get divorced?

When can I apply for a divorce? Divorce is the official ending of a marriage. Broadly speaking, in Australia you can apply for a divorce when there has been an ‘irretrievable breakdown’ of the marriage. Irretrievable breakdown is demonstrated by the [...]