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6 Contract Hacks for Small Business Owners As a small business owner, having valid legal contracts, whether with your customers or other businesses, can be crucial in your ultimate overall business success.  Without valid legal contracts, you may find yourself unp [...]

Are Financial Agreements Worth the Paper They Are Written On? A lot of couples, both pre-marriage and post-marriage, are entering into Financial Agreements to deal with the distribution of their property and assets in the event of a separation.    Similarly, separating couples are u [...]

Avoid being a Spammer. Your questions answered, simply.   We recently had a client approach us who had started up her own business and was curious to know more about the laws around spamming. It’s an important topic because the penalties of sending spam could be the diffe [...]

5 Practical Tips on Managing Your Facebook Page

Facebook is one of the world’s biggest social media platforms available online. Using the platform for business purposes has many benefits, including: It’s a fairly low cost marketing strategy; It enables you to connect with current and potential cli [...]

7 Practical Tips When You’re Separating

When couples separate, it can be a highly emotional time for all involved.  Often simple matters can be overlooked or ignored. Below we have compiled 7 practical tips that people should consider when going through the separation process. Tip #1 - Cou [...]