Meet Karen Finch,
CEO and Co-founder of Legally Yours

Hi, I’m Karen Finch. I’m a qualified, non-practicing solicitor, who became very disenchanted with the Australian legal system very early on in my career. And here’s why. I studied law because I wanted to help people. It was as simple as that. However, soon after I was admitted to practice, I began to see that the law had become a business – a business with too much focus on making money and billing six minute billable units, and no consideration for client care or outcomes. In the end I felt like my soul was being destroyed, and I left the profession.

Some lawyers will tell you that it is too hard to work out exactly what your legal matter will cost you. They will tell you that it is too hard because they don’t know how long your matter will take, when really they don’t want to take any risk that they will underquote and lose money. Instead, they quote hourly rates and when you ask how many hours it might take, they’ll say ‘well how long is a piece of string’. Sound familiar? I disagree with this proposition entirely. It’s simply not good enough! So at Legally Yours we decided to change the way lawyers quote to clients and also the way they deliver legal services too.

At Legally Yours we have created a new type of lawyer – a lawyer that is transparent with what they charge and tells you upfront (during a complimentary consultation) what their costs will be. Our lawyers are flexible to client needs, and will deliver their legal services in the way that best suits the client. Our lawyers are down to earth and speak in everyday language, and with our lawyers you will never have to worry about being charged every time you pick up the phone to speak to them.

We have searched the country for these lawyers, and we have found them. Our pre-screened network of experienced, progressively-minded lawyers are here to help you in a way that works for you. If you are searching for an alternative to the everyday lawyer you’ve been programmed to expect, then try a Legally Yours approved lawyer and experience the difference.

Karen Finch from Legally Yours

Meet Mira Stammers,
Co-founder of Legally Yours

I’m Mira, Co-founder of Legally Yours. Thanks for visiting the site, I’m glad you’re here. You might be expecting me to say that, but having you visit this page and click here to learn more about me reassures me about the value of what we are providing at Legally Yours.

I built Legally Yours because I believed, and still do, that there was a better, fairer and more transparent way to provide legal services for everyday Australians. I know people are frustrated about the levels of service they receive and the prices they pay when accessing legal advice.

I know the internet and social media are driving change in so many industries and I thought, why should accessing legal services be any different?

Fixed-fee pricing for legal services is fair, transparent and ‘straight up’. This is great for you, because you get outcomes, not hourly rates.  It doesn’t cost you more if your lawyer is inefficient, and why should it?

All of our lawyers are stringently vetted to ensure you not only receive expert legal advice, but that you receive top of the range service. No elitism, no long delays and no billing for every email or phone call made.

I thought it was time for things to be different, for legal services to actually work in favour of clients.  For us, as lawyers, to give you what you want.  After all, we understand that it’s about you, not us.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients access affordable, fixed-fee legal advice across all areas of law.  We are proud of what we’ve achieved, and we will continue to serve you, our clients, to the best of our ability.

Thank you again for visiting Legally Yours. Please get in touch if you have any questions or if I can help in any way.